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Projekt Topten ACT byl podpořen výzkumným a inovačním programem Evropské unie Horizon 2020 v rámci grantu č. 649647.

26. 01. 2018
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English Summary

In 2001 a law (no. 406/2000 Coll.) about the energy management came into force in the Czech Republic, which within the preparation of the Czech Republic to accede the EU and in compliance with the European legislation established an obligatory publicity of the selected standardised figures (energy consumption, noise level etc.) of the specified appliances on the energy label.

Establishment of the obligatory labelling of selected appliances is helpful to consumers to get general idea about the operational energy demand and therefore about the total operational costs during the period of the expected lifetime of the given appliance. It arises from the international experience that it takes several years to create sufficient knowledge on the informative value of the energy labels in the general public and to influence the buyer to include the data placed on the label into his/her purchasing decision.

To fasten this process the national information and database Internet portal www.uspornespotrebice.cz was founded by SEVEn, The Energy efficiency Center, as a part of the PADE project (Pan European Database of Energy Efficient Appliances) supported by the EU. The purpose of the website is to provide Czech consumers with the wide information base on the energy demand and other important operational parameters of the appliances sold on the domestic market and about labelling and energy efficiency in general.

The internet website has been further developed as a part of the EURO TOPTEN project (running from 2006 - 2008), its follower Euro Topten Plus project (2009-2011), Euro Topten Max project (2012-2015) and ToptenAct project (since 2015). All "Topten" projects aim to support customers' knowledge about the best quality and most efficient electricity appliances available in the market.

Find all outputs of the Euro Topten Plus project here.

Main principles, rules and activities of the Topten programme are described here.


More information in English can be found at the website of the Topten database: www.topten.eu - for Europe and www.topten.info - worldwide.